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Grouping and ungrouping worksheets in Excel 2003


An exercise manual is a multi-page Excel record that contains numerous worksheets. Some of the time you will need to work with the worksheets each one in turn as though each is a solitary unit. Different circumstances, a similar data or organizing may should be added to each worksheet. You can type and retype a similar data in every worksheet, apply indistinguishable organizing, or gathering the worksheet and enter the data once.

Worksheets can likewise be consolidated together into a gathering. Gathering worksheets enables you to apply indistinguishable equations as well as arranging over all worksheets in the gathering. When you assemble worksheets, any progressions made to one worksheet will be changed in some other worksheets in the gathering also. In the event that numerous worksheets are to have similar information—locales, offices, quarters, months, weeks, and days, for instance—at that point you write it once and it will show up on each worksheet incorporated into the gathering.

Group Worksheets

To gather worksheets:

  • To choose one worksheet, tap the sheet tab.
  • To choose in excess of one worksheet, hold the Control key down and tap on at least one worksheet tabs in the exercise manual.
  • To choose all worksheets in an exercise manual, right-click any worksheet tab and pick Select All Sheets from the alternate way menu.

When you’re done entering, moving, replicating, or arranging the information, you should ungroup worksheets. On the off chance that you don’t ungroup the sheets, any work you do in one sheet will be copied in all others.

To ungroup worksheets:

  • Right-click any of the chose worksheet tabs.
  • Pick Ungroup Sheets from the alternate route menu.

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