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Forgotten Attachment Detector saves you from stupid email oversights

Overlooked Attachment

You realize that timid inclination you get when you need to resend an email since you overlooked its connection

Overlooked Attachment Detector connects to Outlook 2007 and offers precisely what I’ve been searching for: Flexible settings that sweep your email for an assortment of terms (like “find appended,” “have joined,” and “see appended”) as opposed to one catch-all watchword like “appended.” The program is preconfigured with a huge number of savvy connection related catchphrases, however you can include your own, enabling you to genuinely customize the program to your specific email style.

The program additionally checks what it calls “optional catchphrases,” like “connecting” and “encasing.” These auxiliary terms won’t sound the alert unless joined by a neighboring term like “doc” or “record.” These terms, as well, are completely configurable. Believe it’s all unnecessarily confused for an utility that basically cautions you about overlooked connections? Not in any way. This application carefully evades false positives, which would some way or another lead you to turn it off out of sheer irritation.

What’s more, to wrap things up, Forgotten Attachment Detector additionally (alternatively) cautions you on the off chance that you attempt to send the message with a clear title.

I’ve composed before about maintaining a strategic distance from clear headlines and overlooked connections, however I need to ask: Is Forgotten Attachment Detector hitched? Since I’m enamored.

Possibly I have to get out additional.

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