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How to Apply Themes With Microsoft Powerpoint 2016


Apply Themes is a predefined blend of tints, printed styles, and effects. Differing points similarly use unmistakable slide plans. You’ve recently been using a subject, paying little respect to whether you didn’t have any colleague with it: the default Office point. You can peruse a collection of new subjects at whatever point, giving your entire presentation a solid, capable look.

Applying Themes

All subjects joined into PowerPoint are arranged in the Themes amass on the Design tab. Points can be associated or changed at whatever point.

To apply a subject:

1.Select the Design tab on the Ribbon, by then discover the Themes gathering. Each photo addresses a subject.

2.Tap the More drop-down dart to see each and every available theme.


3.Select the pined for theme.


4.The theme will be associated with the entire presentation. To apply a substitute theme, basically select it from the Design tab.


Once you’ve associated a theme, you can in like manner pick a variety for that subject from the Variants gathering. Varieties use particular subject shades while sparing a theme’s general look.


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