Microsoft PowerPoint

Use VBA to print a single PowerPoint slide


It’s anything but difficult to print the present slide. Essentially select the slide you need to print, pick Print from the File menu, tap the Current Slide in the Print Range choices, and snap OK. Or on the other hand select the slide you need to print and tap the Print symbol on the Standard toolbar. It couldn’t be less difficult. While the implicit printing highlights are sufficient for most, you can mechanize the procedure utilizing the accompanying subprocedure, if essential: Sub PrintCurrentSlide() Dim intSlideNumber As Integer On Error GoTo errHandler intSlideNumber = ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange.SlideNumber Application.ActivePresentation.PrintOut intSlideNumber, intSlideNumber Exit Sub errHandler: If Err.Number = – 2147188160 Then MsgBox “Select a solitary slide”, vbOKOnly, “Blunder” Else MsgBox Err.Number and “: ” and Err.Description, vbOKOnly, “Mistake” End If End Sub How you execute the code will rely upon your necessities. The present blunder dealing with gets one particular mistake — the blunder created when you select in excess of one slide. The PrintOut strategy likewise gives you a chance to gather duplicates and print various duplicates. For more data, scan for PrintOut Method in the Visual Basic Editor’s Help records.

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