Microsoft PowerPoint

How to Apply Themes With Microsoft Powerpoint 2016

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Introduction Apply Themes is a predefined blend of tints, printed styles, and effects. Differing points similarly use unmistakable slide plans. You’ve recently been using a subject, paying little respect to whether you didn’t have any colleague with it: the default Office point. You can peruse a collection of new subjects at whatever point, giving your […]

Microsoft Word

How To Make a vertical text selection in Word

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vertical text selection

Make a vertical content determination in Word Now and then, you may need to choose a segment of content through and through rather than from left to right. This dark mouse alternate route will deal with the activity.   Here’s a trap that only here and there shows up on the alternate route records. More […]

Office 2003 Basics

Creating a New File in Office 2003 Basics

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Introduction Before the finish of this exercise, you ought to have the capacity to: Make another record in any Office 2003 program New records Since you’ve figured out how to open an Office 2003 program, you have to find out about records. A document is a gathering of information, or data. When you open Word, […]

Microsoft Outlook

Adding a Signature in Outlook 2003

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Adding a Signature

Introduction Before the finish of this module, you ought to have the capacity to: Make an email signature Organization an email signature Making an email signature An email signature comprises of content and additionally pictures that are consequently added to the finish of active email messages. You can make numerous custom marks for various groups […]

Microsoft Excel

Grouping and ungrouping worksheets in Excel 2003

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An exercise manual is a multi-page Excel record that contains numerous worksheets. Some of the time you will need to work with the worksheets each one in turn as though each is a solitary unit. Different circumstances, a similar data or organizing may should be added to each worksheet. You can type and retype a […]

Microsoft Excel

Working with Multiple Worksheets in Excel 2003

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Introduction Before the finish of this lesson, you ought to have the capacity to: Name worksheets Embed and erase worksheets Gathering and ungroup worksheets Duplicate and move worksheets Naming worksheets Toward the start of this course, we discovered that the tabs showed at the base of the screen are named Sheet1, Sheet 2, and Sheet […]